Wired Jbl Headphones: Unbeatable Sound Quality at an Affordable Price

Wired JBL headphones offer great-sounding bass response and a comfortable fit. They are available at various prices, ranging from $14.72 to $299.95, with discounts of up to 50% off. These headphones are popular among gamers and music lovers for their excellent sound quality and precise microphone performance. They come in different models, such as the JBL Quantum ONE Wired Over-Ear Gaming Headset and the Jlab Studio Pro Over-Ear Wired Headphones, each offering unique features like well-balanced sound profiles and soft cloud foam earcups. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or a high-end gaming headset, Wired JBL headphones have something to offer.

Wired Jbl Headphones: Unbeatable Sound Quality at an Affordable Price

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Market Overview Wired JBL Headphones

A wide range of options are available when talking about wired JBL headphones. These headphones are known for their superior sound quality and comfortable fit, making them popular among music enthusiasts and gamers. This market overview will explore the top retailers and prices for wired JBL headphones.

 Retailer  Price 
 Amazon.com $24.95  
 Best Buy $29.99  
 Crutchfield $299.95  
 Office Depot $19.95  
 Woodwind & Brasswind $99.95  

 It’s usually a good idea to examine prices before purchasing because they can differ from retailer to retailer. While Amazon.com and Best Buy offer some of the most competitive prices, Crutchfield and Woodwind & Brasswind offer higher-end models for a premium audio experience. These sellers give low prices and a large assortment of wired JBL headphones. Whether you’re on a tight budget or willing to invest in premium audio equipment, these retailers have options to suit every need. Let’s now examine the characteristics and functionality of a few well-liked wired JBL headphone models that are currently on the market in more detail:

Jbl Quantum Wired Over-ear Gaming Headset

This headset is perfect for gamers who prioritize comfort and audio quality. Its super light build and crystal-clear microphone deliver an immersive gaming experience.

Jlab Studio On-ear Headphones

The JLab Studio On-Ear Headphones are excellent for those who value style and rich sound. Not only are they extremely comfortable to wear, but they also provide an exceptional audio experience.

Jbl Quantum One Wired Over-ear Gaming Headset

The JBL Quantum ONE is ideal if you’re searching for a gaming headset with a well-balanced sound profile and exceptional bass accuracy. Thanks to its excellent audio, you will be able to enter the world of your favorite games.

Jlab Nightfall Wired Gaming Headset

Featuring a great fit and comfortable design, the Jlab Nightfall Wired Gaming Headset is ideal for long gaming sessions. Its impressive audio quality enhances the overall gaming experience. These are just a few examples of the wired JBL headphones available. With superior sound, comfort, and performance, these headphones are a must-have for any music lover or gamer. Whether you choose an affordable option or invest in a higher-end model, wired JBL headphones are bound to elevate your audio experience.

Product Reviews

The best sound quality can only be experienced with the ideal pair of headphones, whether you’re a gamer, music lover, or audiophile. When it comes to wired headphones, JBL is a brand that is known for its exceptional audio performance and comfortable designs. In this section, we will take a closer look at customer testimonials, ratings, and expert opinions regarding Wired JBL Headphones.

Customer Testimonials And Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings can offer insightful information about a product’s quality and performance before buying.  Wired JBL Headphones have received praise from satisfied customers impressed by their great-sounding bass response and comfortable fit.  One customer on headphonecheck.com said, “These headphones have the perfect balance of bass and clarity, making every song sound amazing.”  On YouTube, a different consumer said, “I was pleasantly surprised by how lightweight these headphones are, ensuring that they are cozy to wear during extended gaming sessions.” The positive testimonials and high ratings highlight customers’ overall satisfaction with Wired JBL Headphones.

Expert Opinions

In addition to customer testimonials, it is essential to consider the experts’ opinions in the field. Experts have thoroughly tested and evaluated Wired JBL Headphones, providing valuable insights into their performance.  According to RTINGS.com, the JBL Quantum ONE Wired Over-Ear Gaming Headset offers a well-balanced sound profile and excellent bass accuracy.  RTINGS.com also mentioned that the JLab Studio Pro Over-Ear Wired Headphones have soft and comfortable cloud foam earcups, providing a clear and booming sound. These expert opinions reinforce the high-quality performance and comfort of Wired JBL Headphones.  

Deals And Discounts

 If you’re in the market for Wired JBL Headphones, you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the best deals and discounts available. Below are the lowest prices, special offers, and promotions on these exceptional headphones.

Lowest Prices On JBL Wired Headphones

Check out the table below to discover the lowest prices available for JBL Wired Headphones across various retailers. Table representing lowest prices more rows from the provided information

Retailer Price
Amazon.com $24.95
Best Buy $29.99
Crutchfield $99.95  


Special Offers And Promotions

Take advantage of these special offers and promotions to get the best value for your money when purchasing Wired JBL Headphones:

  • 25% OFF: The JBL Quantum Wired Over-Ear Gaming Headset is now priced at $29.99 (originally $40) on YouTube
  • 30% OFF: JBL Quantum ONE Wired Over-Ear Gaming Headset available for $209.95 (originally $300) on RTINGS.com
  • 33% OFF: Jlab Nightfall Wired Gaming Headset discounted to $39.99 (originally $60) on Amazon.com
  • Low Price: JLab Studio Pro Over-Ear Wired Headphones for just $15.99 on Sheltech
  • Add more special offers and promotions based on the provided information

Frequently Asked Questions Of Wired JBL Headphones

Are JBL Wired Headphones Good?

Yes, JBL wired headphones are good. They have a good bass response, are easy to wear, and have superb sound quality.

How Do I Pair My JBL Wired Headphones?

To pair your JBL wired headphones, follow these steps: 

  1. Plug the headphone jack into your device’s audio output. 
  2. Make sure the headphones are turned on. 
  3. On your device, go to the Bluetooth menu. 
  4. Look for the JBL headphones in the list of available devices.
  5. Tap on the headphones to connect and pair them with your device.

Note: JBL wired headphones do not require Bluetooth pairing but can be connected directly through the headphone jack.

What Is The Best Headphone From JBL?

The best headphones from JBL are the JBL Quantum ONE Wired Over-Ear Gaming Headset. They have well-balanced sound and excellent bass accuracy.

Can Jbl Live 660nc Be Wired?

Yes, the JBL Live 660NC can be wired.


JBL wired headphones offer excellent sound quality and comfort at affordable prices. These headphones are a worthy investment, with positive reviews highlighting their comfort and performance. The JBL wired headphones provide clear, crisp sound and remarkable mid-accuracy for gaming or music listening. Take advantage of these great deals!